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Offstage, Shahzad is Amin Adibnazari. Onstage, he is a poet, a storyteller, and an artist. He developed a love for poetry at a young age when a professor of English literature personally trained him in the composition and analysis of classic masterpieces.

The knowledge he gained from his studies enabled him to identify the parallel between poetry and hip-hop music. And it was upon that discovery that his appreciation for the genre had sparked, and he began studying the works of great rap poets.

Drawing on influences like Lupe Fiasco, Black Thought, and Mos Def, Shahzad began working on his own craft. Perfecting his lyricism and working alongside some of the best in the industry, including producers and sound engineers at Capitol Records, he has created a truly unique sound and established a name for himself.

His music gets to the heart of what it means to dream and achieve true happiness. The only way to experience it is to listen for yourself.

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“With lyrics that often revolve around chasing dreams and overcoming improbability, his music gets to the core of what it means to find purpose and achieve true happiness.”

“…a razor-sharp lyrical tongue honed by poetry studies and ready to lay waste to weaker MCs.”

“…nothing but good vibes, rhythm, and sticky-sweet pop melodies… you will fall in love with the up and coming artist…”

“...[music] infused with his signature blend of poetic lyricism and vibrant hip-hop soundscapes.”

Song Title: "Delicate"

Artists: Shahzad feat. Niña Dioz

DelicateShahzad feat. Niña Dioz
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Synopsis: Shahzad and his guest feature, Niña Dioz (showcased on, address their younger selves, as well as other youth around the world, to ignore the criticism others have of them and be confident in who they really are.

Marketing: With more than 85 percent of Shahzad's following being from Hispanic nations, it only made sense for him to include the powerful voice of Niña Dioz in the track. 

However, Niña is more than just a feature on this song. As a partner in spreading its message, she presented the song to her label, Universal Music Group, for syncing and licensing opportunities.

Additionally, paid social advertisement and influencer marketing was used to artists and dreamers around the world to further develop a community that would actively share the song and organically grow the brand. 


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