Melds deep, poetic lyricism with fresh hip hop arrangements

Offstage, Shahzad is Amin Adibnazari. Onstage, he is a poet, a storyteller, and an artist. He developed a love for poetry at a young age when a professor of English literature personally trained him in the composition and analysis of classic masterpieces.

The knowledge he gained from his studies enabled him to identify the parallel between poetry and rap music. And it was upon that discovery that his appreciation for the genre had sparked, and he began studying the works of great rap poets.

Drawing on influences like Lupe Fiasco, Black Thought, and Mos Def, Shahzad began working on his own craft. Over the years, he has refined it into what it is today.

His music gets to the heart of what it means to dream and achieve true happiness. Because of his quiet nature, it is only through his music that he expresses those ideas: "When I write lyrics, I experience intense emotions. Once completed, I feel a sense of peace within my heart and my mind. I am freed."

It's that feeling of freedom, peace, and struggle that Shahzad's music imparts to its listeners. Those feelings are infused into every word of his lyrics. The only way to experience it is to listen for yourself.

The Latest Single: "Dreaming"


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